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Bonnibelle's Past Chapter 1
There was a time where it was just the three of us: Marshall, Bubba, and I. It was the perfect thing, always being with them during the day, but at home it was a mess. Mommy was rarely ever home due to her job, and Daddy was a drinker who would get angry all of the time. There wasn't food for me to come home to, so I'd always make it myself. I'd eat by myself as well, except for the times Mommy came home. But they'd fight all of the time, Mommy would yell at Daddy and he'd do the same. I would always sneak away from them and hide in my room, but today was different.
As usual I woke up and got dressed, it was going to be a long day I suppose. I walked out of my room and shut the door. As I tip-toed into the kitchen I froze. It was Daddy; he was sleeping on the couch with his beer bottle in his hand. I guess that means he was in trouble again.
Daddy loved to drink; he always had a bottle of something in his hand. Of course, he wasn't the best person to be around when he drank. He was mea
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Tagged by :iconartiscool123:

1) How's your Thanksgiving?
Boring!! D:

2) What's for favorite color?

3) Favorite art piece of mine?
I don't know, every art is beautiful in it's own way.

4) What do you like most bout me?
You ish Awesome!!

5) I'm bored, u?

6) ummm, hi.

7) Cant think of anything so bye~
Okay, BYE

My questions for you!!

1) Do you like Candy?

2) What is your artistic talent?

3) What am I to you?

4) Are you emo?

5) Do you think I'm emo?

6) Are you a brony?

7) Do you like puppies?

I tag



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I'm Twist and I live in Ponyville. I love all my friends and art!!


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Whats your secret talent?
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Hi twisty! (Nickname :D)
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